My Maytag Gas Stove Won't Ignite in the Oven When It's Turned On

When a gas oven is turned on, the igniter automatically lights the pilot light and the oven begins to heat. However, if a gas oven, such as a Maytag, does not ignite when the oven is turned on, you may require a professional to repair and resolve the problem, but sometimes it could be fixed easily by the user.

Gas Supply

Check the gas supply first if the Maytag oven will not ignite and turn on. Typically speaking, the gas supply is located behind the oven. You will need help pulling the oven away from the wall. If the oven cannot be moved or the rear of the unit is non-accessible, contact Maytag or a service professional for assistance. Turn the gas valve counterclockwise to turn on. If you smell a strong gas odor, turn the valve off, leave the home, and call your gas company.

First Time Use

The first time a gas oven is used, there may be air in the lines that prevent the oven pilot light from igniting. Push in and turn one of the surface burner knobs clockwise to release the air from the gas line and then turn the knob back to "Off."

Oven Controls

If the gas supply to the oven is turned on, make sure you are using the oven controls correctly. Turn the control knob on applicable models to "Bake" and then turn the temperature dial to the desired baking temperature for the oven to ignite and heat. On models with a control pad, touch "Bake" and use the up or down arrows or the number pads to select the temperature and then "Start" to ignite and preheat the oven. When none of the keypads will work or the oven door will not open, the oven may have been set to the control lockout feature. Hold the "Start" key pad or the lock icon key pad for five seconds until a beep sounds. Program the oven as desired.

Service Required

When the gas oven does not ignite even after verifying the gas supply and ensuring the proper controls are in use, there might be bigger problems, such as a burnt out bake igniter. The bake igniter is located in the lower rear portion of the oven and is approximately one inch by five inches in size. If there is no pilot light visible or the igniter is glowing red but the pilot light does not ignite, the igniter needs to be replaced. Contact Maytag for service, as other potential problems with the oven include the safety valve, thermostat or selector switch. These components are not something owners can fix on their own.