How to Troubleshoot a Toro Recycler

The Toro Recycler lawn mower has a built-in recycling system that minces and mulches grass, distributing it back out onto your lawn to keep your lawn fed and healthy. Toro Recycler models range from self-propelled to walk-behind to gas-powered and electric. Your Toro Recycler may not properly work for a number of reasons.

Step 1

Drain the old stale gas from the mower and replace it with fresh gas. Because gas begins to degrade after 30 days, the gas in the tank of your mower may become stale or contaminated after lengthy storage. Removing and replacing the gas may improve overall functionality of your Toro Recycler. Prime the pump three times and attempt to start your motor. In the event that your motor still does not start or runs rough, continue troubleshooting.

Step 2

Check the air filter for dirt, oil and other residue that may be clogging the filter. A clogged filter will make it difficult for air to reach the carburetor and could prohibit you from starting your mower. If the filter is dirty, replace it with a clean air filter. Rotate the filter cover clockwise and remove the cover. Take off the filter and wipe the internal flange that holds the filter in place. Also wipe the outer cover with a dry towel. Insert a new air filter and replace the external cover. Prime the pump three times and attempt to start your mower.

Step 3

Test your spark plugs. Spark plugs that have been worn down or flooded with gasoline will not fire properly. Remove the spark plug wire and insert the proper sized ratchet wrench required for your model to remove the spark plug. Examine the plug for signs of wear and excess gas. If the spark plug is worn, replace it with a new spark plug. If the plug is wet from excess gas, dry it with a clean towel, or allow it to air dry before reinserting.

Step 4

Check the gapping on your spark plug with a gapping tool. The gap should be .30 for best performance. Insert the gapping tool to measure the gap. If the gap is too small, or too large, adjust the gap to .30 and remeasure for accuracy. Return the spark plug to your mower, replace the spark plug wire and attempt to start your mower.

Step 5

Charge the battery. A battery that has lost its charge because of use may not start, and sometimes simply charging the battery is all it takes to get your Toro Recycler started.

Step 6

Check the oil levels by lifting out the dipstick, wiping it clean, reinserting and lifting it out again. Read the level on the dipstick. If your oil levels are below the required fill line, your mower may not start or run properly. In the event that your oil levels are low, top off the tank with the amount of oil required to bring it up to the proper level. Do not overfill the tank, or this will create further problems.

Jennifer Hudock

Jennifer Hudock is an author, editor and freelancer from Pennsylvania. She has upcoming work appearing in two Library of the Living Dead Press anthologies and has been published in numerous print and online journals, including eMuse, Real TV Addict and Strange Horizons. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English/creative writing from Bloomsburg University.