There are a number of problems that you can encounter while using a portable generator and many of these problems are caused by a dirty air filter or a bad spark plug. Some of these problems can include the engine not starting, the generator overheating and the generator stalling while in operation. Fortunately, you can solve a lot of the problems you encounter by either cleaning the air filter or replacing the spark plug.

Clean Air Filter

Step 1

Un-clip both the top and the bottom of the air filter's clasps. Remove the air filter cover, then remove the sponge-like elements from the casing.

Step 2

Clean any dirt from the air filter's casing, then rinse the sponge-like elements in water and detergent. Let the elements dry.

Step 3

Soak the elements in oil, then squeeze the elements to remove excess oil.

Step 4

Place the elements back in the filter cover, then put the cover back in place. Put the clasps back in their normal position to secure the cover in place.

Replace Spark Plug

Step 5

Remove the spark plug cap. Use a spark plug wrench to unscrew the plug.

Step 6

Use a filler gauge to measure the electrode gap. The gap should be 0.028 inches - 0.031 inches.

Step 7

Use the spark plug wrench to screw the plug in, then put the cap back on.