Is Paula Deen Cookware Safe for Glass Top Stoves?

Television cooking guru Paula Deen has her own line of kitchen products, including a line of Paula Deen cookware. These products are made from porcelain with an enamel coating or noncoated stainless steel and aluminum; a 10-piece set includes different size saucepans, pots and frying pans. When you have an easily damaged cooktop surface, such as one made of glass, you'll need to know which cookware can cause damage to it.

Product Specifications

Paula Deen's enamel-coated porcelain cookware and aluminum or stainless steel cookware are not safe to use on glass stove tops, according to the product specifications. Your stove's operation manual may also provide some insight into what type of cookware is best to use on the stovetop and what type of cookware should be avoided.

Possible Damage

Most glass cooktops are actually glass-ceramic cooktops, which have electrical elements or coils underneath a transparent glass and ceramic surface. According to the Utah State University Cooperative Extension, ceramic or porcelain cookware, such as Paula Deen Cookware, should not be used on glass cook tops, because the imperfections found on the cookware can scratch the stove. If the pot were to overheat or boil over while on the glass stove, it could also end up fusing to the stove's surface, causing permanent damage.


While Paula Deen Cookware could cause damage to a glass stovetop, if you do use it, take precautions to prevent damage while using Paula Deen Cookware.

Before using Paula Deen Cookware on a glass stove, ensure the bottom of the pot or pan is dry and keep a close eye on the pot to make sure it does not boil over or overheat as it could fuse to the glass. When moving the cookware, lift it completely off of the stove and do not drag it across the glass stove's cooking surface to prevent scratching. Do not place a pot with hot contents onto a cool cooking surface, as this can also result in the pot fusing to the stove surface.


If you do use Paula Deen Cookware on your glass stove, it may void the warranty on both your cookware and your stove. The manufacturer's warranty on Paula Deen cookware does not cover misuse, and because Paula Deen cookware is specifically stated not to be used on glass stoves, using the cookware on a glass stove top would be considered misuse.

If you void the warranty or cause damage not covered by the warranty, you may have to pay for replacement cookware or repairs to your stove out of pocket.

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