How to Program an MVP Garage Door Opener

MVP garage-door openers are motorized devices that open and close your garage door automatically. The doors are operated by a wall-mounted control panel or by a three-button programmable remote control. Though the remote control is programmed to work with your garage-door opener when it is packaged and shipped, you can change the remote code manually. By changing the garage-door opener's program code with the supplied remote, you can program additional remotes for other members in your home.

Step 1

Press and hold the left and right buttons on the remote control until the indicator light starts blinking. When you let go of the buttons, the indicator light will blink two more times and then remain lit. The remote is now in programming mode.

Step 2

Push and release the remote-control button you want to use to operate the garage door.

Step 3

Enter a nine-digit random code by pressing the buttons on the front of the remote control. Once the code is entered, the indicator light will blink twice to confirm the code was accepted and saved.

Step 4

Press the newly programmed button on the remote control to test if it controls the door.