How to Read a Smart Meter

Smart meters display and record the amount of energy a residence uses. Electrical smart meters relay this information back to utility companies for billing purposes, but being able to read a smart meter will let you monitor your own electricity use as well. Electric smart meters usually alternate between several displays that each display different information. What information is displayed will depend on the manufacturer of the smart meter, but smart meters commonly have displays for total kilowatt hour usage (kWh), current kWh usage, the date and time of day.

Step 1

Consult your smart meter's documentation to determine the label for each display. If your smart meter has multiple displays, it will alternate through them approximately every three seconds, and will be labeled with a code in the upper left corner.

Step 2

Look at your smart meter and locate the display label to determine what information it is currently displaying.

Step 3

Read the numbers on your smart meter from left to right. The date will be displayed in mm/dd/yy format. Time of day is displayed in military time. Total kilowatt hour usage is a measure of how much power has been consumed since the meter was installed, and current kWh usage is a measure of how much is currently being used.