My Onan Generator Won't Start

The Cummins Onan Co. manufactures a variety of generators for residential, commercial, marine, recreational vehicle or portable uses. Generators are typically used as a power backup if the traditional power source fails due to power failure, electrical failure, storm or other failure or damage to electrical poles or lines. Generators switch on if the main power fails, providing power and light until the traditional power source is restored. However, even generators may have problems, such as not starting as expected. This issue can be troubleshooted and potentially resolved without technical assistance.

Step 1

Turn the power switch "Off" and turn off the AC power from the battery charger. Remove the "-" (negative) battery cable from the generator set's starting battery.

Step 2

Check the coolant level and replenish if the level if low. Check for possible leaks and repair, if necessary.

Step 3

Look for any possible air flow obstructions. Remove possible obstructions from vents or other air flow access points.

Step 4

Look at the fan belt and blower fan for possible damage, cracks or other signs of obstruction. Use a clean, damp cloth to clean away excess dirt or debris.

Step 5

Turn the power switch to "Manual" and reconnect to the AC power. Wait for the starter to begin to crank and the engine to start.