Frigidaire carries a variety of ovens, from built-in ranges to free-standing ones. Some of its units are competitively priced and some are extremely expensive. Many of its ovens come with useful features, such as Quick Preheat, Duel Fuel technology and even a Chicken Nugget Button. No matter which model you pick, however, or what features it has, you will eventually need to troubleshoot some issues.


If you find that you can't get your oven to work at all, make sure that the unit is plugged in correctly and that you have not tripped the circuit breaker or blown any fuses. Your Owner's Manual (See References) will give you instructions on how to set the oven's controls correctly. See if there might be a short in the plug or cord. If so, you need to replace it. If none of these techniques work, you should contact the service center. You might have faulty wiring in your unit. If the only problem is that the light does not work, perhaps it needs to be tightened or the bulb needs to be replaced.

Excessive Smoke

When you are broiling, if you experience excessive smoke, you should make sure you have left the door to the oven open slightly. If the meat is positioned too close to the broil burner, it is also likely to start smoking. Remove as much fat from the meat as possible. Ensure that you have placed the grill on the broil pan in the correct position. The ribs need to be up and the slots need to be facing down. This will allow the grease to drip into the pan. Don't cover the grid with foil. In addition, food spills on the bottom of the oven can also cause smoking.

Baking Results

Don't forget to preheat the oven before putting your food items in to bake. If you do not allow for this time, your baked goods may end up too dark on the top or the bottom. Always follow instructions on where the rack should be positioned. If your baked items are not cooking correctly, set the temperature 25 degrees F lower than the recipe recommends. If this does not cause the food to be cooked properly, raise the temperature back down 25 degrees F and allow it to cook for a little longer.