Repair Tips for an Ionic Breeze

The Ionic Breeze is an ozone generating air purifier sold by the Sharper Image company for a number of years via its catalogs and online store. The Ionic Breeze created a negatively charged, three oxygen ozone ion using electricity and a fluorescent light bulb that would attach itself to dust, dirt and smoke particles in household air and bond with them, causing them to stick to the metal plates in the machine and be neutralized. There is a light on top of the unit that will change from amber to red if there is a problem with the unit and if this light comes on, it is important to know what to do.

Dirty Collection Grid.

In case of a problem with your Ionic Breeze air purifier, the first thing you should do is clean the collection grid. According to the Ionic Air Breeze instruction manual, the most common problem with the units is that the collection grid gets too dirty and the unit no longer effectively cleans the air. Removing the collection grid from the top of the unit, then wiping it down with a damp sponge or rag, as well as turning the entire unit upside down several times to dump out any dirt from inside the housing, will help restore the unit to maximum operating efficiency.

Glowing Blue

Another common problem with the Ionic Breeze unit is that it no longer glows blue, which it is supposed to do when operating in germicidal protection mode. If the unit is no longer glowing, it is likely that the UV fluorescent bulb inside the unit has died or has decreased in output. The bulbs are meant to last for about a year, and touching the bulbs or getting them in contact with oil or dirt will shorten their lifespan. Try replacing the light bulb before assuming there is a more serious problem with your Ionic Breeze air freshening unit.

Transformer or Circuitry Issues

Other problems that may occur with the Ionic Breeze that you will need to troubleshoot and repair include transformer or circuitry problems. If the transformer goes bad, the unit will not work at all, and will have no power when you attempt to turn it on. Similar problems can occur if the circuit board is defective. Because of the danger of electrical shock or damage, it is best if you have a repair facility work on your Ionic Breeze unit if you suspect transformer or circuitry problems.