How to Remove a KitchenAid Built in Oven

KitchenAid built-in ovens are a convenient way to save space. They are set inside your walls, usually with a cabinet or access panel over the top of the oven. The cabinet above usually houses the electrical connection for the oven. When replacing or making repairs to the KitchenAid oven, it is often necessary to remove it from the wall. Removing a KitchenAid built-in oven requires a second person to help lift the unit away from the wall because of its weight.

Step 1

Open the cabinet access area to determine if your KitchenAid built-in oven has a power cord or is hard-wired into the house electrical system. If it has a power cord, unplug it from the receptacle. If it is wired into the house electrical system, turn off the circuit breaker to the oven. The circuit breaker is identified on the door panel of the breaker box.

Step 2

Remove the screws securing the junction box cover to the electrical box with a flathead screwdriver, if your oven is hard-wired. Turn the plastic wire caps joining the oven wires with the house wires counterclockwise with your fingers. Separate the wires and twist the plastic caps back onto the ends of the house wires.

Step 3

Loosen the screw securing the conduit clamp to the side of the electrical box. Pull the conduit with the oven wires away from the electrical box. Place the cover back over the junction box and secure with the retaining screws.

Step 4

Open the oven door and pull out the cooking racks. Pull the pivot door hinge locks forward to unlock the door hinges. The door hinge locks are located over each door hinge. Grab the side of the door and close it as far as it will allow. Pull the bottom of the door away from the oven while lifting it to remove it completely from the oven.

Step 5

Remove the bottom screw on each side of the oven trim with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the bottom of the trim away from the oven and pull down. Remove both side trim pieces in this manner.

Step 6

Find the screws on each side of the oven securing the oven to the cabinet. Remove each screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Reach inside the oven and press your hands against each side. Pull the oven 1 inch out of the opening so you can grab it from the front.

Step 7

Ask a friend to help pull the oven completely out of the wall opening. Guide the electrical wire conduit through the hole in that cabinet as you pull the oven away from the wall.