Krups Espresso Maker 871 Instructions

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The Krups 871 is an in-home espresso machine. According to the user guide, an espresso is a far richer and stronger brew than coffee, and it is usually enjoyed in smaller portions. If you've just purchased your Krups 871, you may have some questions about operating the machine, particularly if you've never used an espresso machine. Using the Krups 871 isn't much different than using a standard coffee maker, with a few minor exceptions.

Step 1

Plug the Krups 871 into the power outlet. Ensure the power switch is set to "Off."

Step 2

Turn the espresso basket handle to the left to remove it from the unit. Place your metal filter basket into the espresso basket.

Step 3

Fill the filter basket with espresso grounds. Do not pack the grounds; instead, fill the basket loosely. Ensure there are no grounds on the rim of the basket.

Step 4

Insert the filter basket into its mount, holding it carefully by the handle. Turn it to the right to lock it into place.

Step 5

Open the water compartment on the top edge of the unit. Fill the glass carafe with cold water and pour the water into the water compartment. Place the glass carafe on its heating pad beneath the filter basket.

Step 6

Verify the steam release knob is turned to "Off" in the clockwise position. Push the power switch to "On" to begin making your espresso.

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