How to Remove a Clock Face for Repair

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Things You'll Need

  • Eyeglass screwdriver

  • Towel

Clock faces can be taken off to make repairs.

If you need to fix the internal assembly or movements on a clock, you must remove the face to make the repairs. Clock faces are typically made of glass and framed in thin, decorative metal such as gold or silver, so removal must be done carefully to avoid scratching the glass or tarnishing the framing. Regardless of the clock's size, this process is generally the same.


Step 1

Open the back battery compartment and remove the battery to stop the clock's movement.

Step 2

Open the glass cover and remove the hinges with an eyeglass screwdriver. Place the screws and glass face cover on a towel to avoid scratching it.

Step 3

Gently turn the retaining nut on the hands counter-clockwise with your fingers to loosen and unfasten it. Place it on the towel as well. Carefully pull the hands off the column and place near the retaining nut on the towel.


Step 4

Unfasten the next retaining nut on the column by turning it counter-clockwise as well once the hands have been removed. The clock face will now be free to remove from the front of the clock. Lift it up with your fingertips in a slow, even manner. Try not to touch the actual face to avoid smudging.

Step 5

The internal assembly and movements will be exposed. Make repairs as necessary and reassemble the clock in reverse order.


Owen E. Richason IV

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