Hot, fresh coffee at your fingertips -- that's the promise of Keurig with the single cerve coffee line of brewers. However, when the coffee doesn't flow, frustration can mount and solutions need to be found. The B70 Platinum Series coffee maker from Keurig brews single cups of coffee by running hot water through the proprietary K-cup.

A delicious cup of coffee at the press of a button from Keurig


When the coffee just won't come, sometimes the simplest answer is the one that's overlooked. The B70's power switch is on the back of the machine on the right-hand side. If the machine was bumped or moved against the wall, the switch may have been turned off. Also, double-check the power at the outlet and the circuit breaker in your house. If you don't see "Ready to Brew" displayed on the screen, you won't get any coffee. The Platinum brewer also has an automatic timer to switch off the machine. Press the "Menu" button then press the down button until you see "Auto Off" then press the "Menu" button twice to program the feature. Press the blue button on the left to cycle through the hours until "Off" appears. Press "Menu" five times to exit the "Auto Off" setup and save the setting.


When inserting the K-cup into the holder, a couple of things might go wrong. First, the handle needs to be completely pushed down for the system to engage. If your B70 isn't brewing, first check that the handle can move all the way down. Next, look to see if there are any blockages in the needles that pierce the K-cup and allow water through. Open the lid for the K-cup holder then lift out the funnel where the K-cup sits. Don't put your hand inside the funnel; there's a needle inside. Push a straight pin up through the needle hole from the bottom to dislodge anything that might be stuck. You can run the funnel through the dishwasher to finish cleaning it.


The display screen may tell you what's going on with the Platinum brewer. If the blue light is flashing, then the water reservoir needs to be filled. Also, if the LCD screen shows the words "Add Water," the machine needs more water to brew the next cup of coffee -- even if there's some water in the reservoir there may not be enough for a full cup of coffee. If there is a buildup of hard water deposits, the machine will indicate that it needs to be de-scaled by displaying "De-Scale" on the screen. Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar and brew all the vinegar through the B70 without a K-cup in place. Dump the vinegar into the sink. Leave the Keurig brewer to sit four hours then fill the reservoir with water and brew through the water without a K-cup in place.


Water taste or contamination in the water reservoir might affect the taste of your coffee. The reservoir is removable and dishwasher safe. Take it out and thoroughly clean and rinse it either by hand or in the dishwasher. If the taste continues to be bad, use filtered or bottled water to eliminate chemicals from the municipal water supply.