Like most automatic rice cookers, the Farberware rice cooker comes with a small cup for measuring the dry rice. The cup holds approximately 6 ounces. Measurement lines along the inside of the cooking pot show how much water to add, depending on how many cups of rice added. While this measurement method works for white rice, it doesn't for brown rice, which requires more water for cooking. To assist you in determining the water to rice ratio when cooking brown rice, refer to the rice packaging for the recommended amount.

Rice cookers cook rice without you watching.

Step 1

Set the rice cooker on the kitchen counter without plugging it in.

Step 2

Remove the inner cooking pot from the rice cooker and add your rice to the pot, using the measuring cup. Refer to your model's maximum capacity before adding rice, and remember that rice expands when cooked. Don't overfill.

Step 3

Rinse the rice under running water at the kitchen sink. Swish the rice around in the pan, gently removing excess starch. The water will get cloudy. Continue to rinse until the water is fairly clear. Pour out the water, leaving the rice in the pot.

Step 4

Add cold water to the pan, filling to the appropriate measurement line on the inside of the pan, which corresponds to the number of 6 ounce cups of rice added.

Step 5

Set the pan back in the cooker and place the lid on top. Always wipe off the outside of the pan if it is wet or damp, before putting it in the cooker. Plug the rice cooker into an electric outlet.

Step 6

Let the rice soak for about 15 minutes if you want softer rice, or start the cooker immediately. Press the "On" button to turn on. The "On" light will glow, indicating it is cooking. When done, the light turns off. Depending on the model, the rice cooker may have a warming mode. If so, that light will turn on when the rice is finished cooking and the cooking light shuts off.

Step 7

Allow the cooked rice to set in the cooker for 10 minutes, without removing the lid. When serving up the rice, use a wood or plastic spoon or paddle, as a metal utensil will scratch the pan.