How to Convert Maytag Range From Natural Gas to LP

Maytag, a division of the Whirlpool Company, offers dozens of gas model ranges that can be converted to use with liquid propane. As a matter of fact, those Maytag models include a convertible regulator nipple just for that purpose. Maytag installation instruction manuals, available online and when purchasing the products, state that conversion operations must be conducted by a qualified installer. Additional key parts that require replacement include all orifices, oven bake burners, the broiler burner, and surface burners.

Hook up a range anywhere using liquid propane.

Step 1

Find the gas pressure regulator on the back side of the range. Remove the protective plastic cap. Use pliers and turn in a counterclockwise direction to unscrew the regulator cap. Flip it over to expose the larger LP hole. Twist it back onto the regulator and tighten with the pliers. Replace the plastic cap.

Step 2

Convert the lower oven bake burners from natural gas to LP. Remove oven racks and unscrew protective burner baffles and the orifice cover from inside the oven. Replace the 0.070 natural gas orifice hood with a 0.044 LP gas orifice hood. Turn counterclockwise to remove, and clockwise to tighten, using pliers. Replace the covers in the reverse order from their removal.

Step 3

Replace the upper oven bake burners using the same method as above. Exchange the 0.055 natural gas orifice spud with a 0.037 LP orifice spud and then replace all protective covers.

Step 4

Loosen the broil burner screw at the rear of the broiler to remove the broil burner. Twist off, using pliers, the 0.055 gas orifice hood and replace it with a green 0.037 LP one. Make four or five turns, taking care not to over tighten. Reinsert the orifice into the burner and reattach the burner screw.

Step 5

Remove burner caps and grates. Use a Phillips or Torx screwdriver to remove burner bases. Place a nut driver into the center of the natural gas orifice spud and twist it counterclockwise with pliers to remove it.

Step 6

Check the rating plate for your Maytag model on the reverse side of the range control panel. Install only the appropriate LP orifice for each burner. Replace burners, grates and caps. Use a blue 64L spud for burners rated at 4000BTU, black 81L spuds for 7000 BTU burners, green 97L spuds for 9100 BTU burners, and red 114L orifice spuds if the burner is rated at 14000 BTUs.

Step 7

Attach your LP hosing onto the orifice at the rear of the range. Use 24-inch, 36-inch or 48-inch hosing. Connect the opposite end of hosing to the LP gas source.