How to Unlock a Kenmore Self-Cleaning Oven

Kenmore, the brand marketed by Sears, offers a line of ovens for residential use that include a door lock feature. This lockout feature will lock the oven door and disable the control panel so the oven cannot be opened or used until the lockout feature is canceled. This child-safety feature prevents curious young children from operating the oven unsupervised.


Press and hold "Stop/Clear" for three seconds to lock the door.

Observe that "Loc" appears in the display and the "Door Locked" light flashes. Wait about 15 seconds for the door to automatically lock. Once the door is locked, the time of day will be displayed on the control panel.

Press and hold "Stop/Clear" for three seconds to unlock the door.

Observe that the "Door Locked" light is no longer flashing. The door is now unlocked.