Removing electric stove coils is necessary to clean or replace the drip pans beneath them and perform general maintenance on your stove. In cases of serious spills or messes, it's important to remove and clean the burners to prevent major smoke or even fire the next time you turn on the stove. Learning to remove the coils can help keep your stove in working condition.

If messes are left too long, they can become difficult to clean.

Step 1

Make sure the stove coils are cool before trying to remove them. Most have a small notch that fits down inside a slot on the drip pan. Lift up one of the coils slightly. You should feel the burner give a little as the notch lifts out of the slot.

Step 2

Find the part of the coil that plugs into the stove. There's a hole in the drip pan that allows access, and this is where the coil attaches to the stove. Lifting the coil slightly, pull firmly in the opposite direction of this hole. The prongs should come loose from the stove, freeing the coil.

Step 3

Reinsert the prongs into the hole after cleaning or replacing the drip pan. Push carefully; the prongs should slip back in easily. Set the notch back down into the slot and push carefully so the stove coil sits properly.