How to Troubleshoot a FoodSaver Product

FoodSaver vacuum sealers are one way to avoid wasted food: Raw foods and cooked meals can be sealed and stored to last longer without worrying they'll become stale or spoiled. But there are times when the FoodSaver won't vacuum or seal storage bags, or the bags don't keep the air out. If this keeps happening, you may believe you've been sold a defective product--but don't give up without trying some troubleshooting first.

FoodSaver products help preserve raw or cooked food.

Troubleshooting FoodSavers

Step 1

Check the little things: Make sure the FoodSaver is plugged in to a working outlet and that when you close the lid on the storage bags to seal them, the latches on the side of the appliance both click shut. If they're not closed, the FoodSaver website says, the machine won't start sealing.

Step 2

Position the bag properly. The bag should also be flat on the counter in front of the machine; if it's hanging down over the edge, the FoodSaver won't be able to vacuum as effectively. If you're sealing several bags in a row, allow 20 seconds between bags for the sealer to cool down or it might melt the bags instead.

Step 3

Check the bag for leaks. If the bag won't vacuum, the FoodSaver website advises, seal it, then submerge it in water; air will bubble out if the bag is defective. If you've already sealed a bag of food and air has seeped in, check to see if there was any food caught in the seal that could have broken the vacuum. If the bags are fine, the problem may be with the machine.