What Stores Sell Smokeless Ashtrays?

For those who can't kick the smoking habit, smokeless ashtrays are a considerate way to keep friends and family from experiencing the damaging effects of secondhand smoke. These ashtrays also help prevent stubborn odors from infiltrating your home, clothing and personal belongings. Smokeless ashtrays are sold at specialty smokeless ashtray shops, chain retail outlets, electronics stores and online. You can find one for well under $100.

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Sears offers a range of smokeless ashtrays ranging in price from $3 to $75. Several are designed for automobile use, and operate either with batteries or on a 12-volt DC adapter.

The most expensive model Sears offers, the Ionic Smokeless Ashtray, uses an ionic air purifier to neutralize cigarette smoke. Negatively charged particles in the smoke attach themselves to positive ions contained within the lining of the ashtray to remove smoke odor. Like other smokeless batteries, it operates on batteries, but also comes with an A/C adapter.


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The giant retailer Walmart sells several smokeless ashtrays, including the Holmes HAP75-UC. This ashtray uses an absorbent charcoal filter to capture and neutralize cigarette smoke odor. It resembles a small countertop cooking grill, and Its on/off mechanism is activated when the lid of the ashtray is opened and closed. This helps prevent battery burnout due to users forgetting to turn the ashtray off after operation.

Online Sources

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Smoke Outlet is an online store that offers smokeless ashtrays ranging in price from $20 to $50. The lowest priced, battery-operated model turns on automatically when it senses the presence of smoke. The ashtray's carbon filter captures and neutralizes the smoke. The most expensive model Smoke Outlet offers uses positively charged ions to neutralize smoke odor. Smokeless ashtrays are also offered by sellers on Amazon and the auction site eBay. These ashtrays also employ a battery-operated fan to draw the smoke through a charcoal filter, eliminating the odor.

Other Considerations

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The main thing to consider here is that smoking is harmful to the smoker and to those around him or her.

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