How to Replace an Oven Door Handle

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Things You'll Need

  • New door handle

  • Owner's manual

  • Screwdriver


It may be easier to remove the oven door and work with it separately. Check your owner's manual for instructions on removing the door from the oven unit. There may be retaining clips or screws that must be removed before the door will slide off of the hinges.

Learn how to replace an oven door handle.

Over time, your oven's door handle may become loose or break. Fortunately, this part can be replaced without spending a lot of time or money. Make sure you use a replacement handle made to fit the door on your particular oven. If you are not sure, you can take the old handle with you to the hardware store or look up the part number in your oven's owner's manual. Your oven manufacturer's website may also have part number listings and replacement owner's manuals that you can download.


Step 1

Open the oven door part of the way so you can access the screws on the top edge. Remove the screws and set them aside. Separate the front panel of the door from the rear panel. Depending on the design of your oven, these panels will either pull away from each other or one panel will slide down inside the other.

Step 2

Use an adjustable or socket wrench to remove the two nuts that hold the handle onto the oven door. Take off the old handle and discard it (if you don't need it to purchase a new one).

Step 3

Insert the threaded ends of the replacement handle into the holes in the door. Place a nut on each end and tighten it as far as possible by hand. Use your wrench to finish tightening the nuts.

Step 4

Reverse Step 1 to bring the two door panels back together. Insert and tighten the screws on top of the door.



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