A Roomba automated vacuum cleaner can simplify housework and help you reclaim your precious time. All you need to do is place the unit in its charging station, charge it up and turn it loose. The Roomba will then roam around the home cleaning up dirt and dust as it goes. Of course, the Roomba does have problems from time to time, and it is important to know what to do when the unit stops working.

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Stuck Drive Wheel

The newer model Roomba vacuum cleaners are designed to work on a number of different surfaces, including hardwood floors, deep carpet and tile. Even so, it is possible for the drive wheel to become stuck, and when that happens it is important for Roomba owners to know what to do. If you notice the Roomba trying to move but not being able to, turn the unit over and inspect the wheels. Dirt, hair and other debris can get stuck between the wheels and the body of the Roomba, and when this happens, the wheels will not be able to turn properly. After you clean out all the debris from around the wheels, flip the Roomba back over and let it go.

Charging Problems

If you notice a blinking light when the Roomba is in its charging station, it could be an indication that the battery in the vacuum is not properly connected. To check the battery connection, open the battery chamber and make sure the pull tab on the battery has been removed. This pull tab prevents the battery from running down while the Roomba is being shipped.

Try removing the battery and checking the connectors. If there is any corrosion on the battery terminals be sure to wipe it off with a clean cloth and then reinsert the battery.

Thumping Sounds

You may be surprised when their Roomba emits a loud thumping sound from time to time. When the Roomba encounters deep pile carpet or other obstructions, it may spin its brushes backwards to free itself, and that will cause a thumping noise. This is normal, but if you notice that the Roomba gets stuck and is unable to free itself, it may be necessary to clean the brushes.