How to Use a GE 18 Quart Roaster Oven

The GE 18 quart roaster oven was a product marketed by GE and sold exclusively in Walmart stores. This item has been discontinued by GE. For those with an 18 quart roaster oven, the product continues to perform in your kitchen to bake, slow cook and roast foods inside with enough space for cooking a turkey or ham. Any recipe made in a traditional oven cooks in the same amount of time in the roaster oven. Always use a food thermometer to determine when your food has cooked through and use the cooking times only as a guide.

Cook a whole roast in the ample space of the GE 18 quart roaster.

Step 1

Insert the cooking pan into the roaster. Plug in the GE roaster oven and set the temperature according to your recipe. Preheat the roaster oven for 15 minutes.

Step 2

Lower the rack into the cooking pan and place meats or pans of baked goods on top of the roasting rack. Always place the pan for baked goods on top of the roasting rack and never directly touching the bottom of the roaster oven.

Step 3

Set the lid over the roaster oven and cook the food, covered, for the time indicated in your recipe. Optionally, cook tougher cuts of meat, such as brisket or chuck roasts, over slow heat for an extended amount of time. Slow cook foods at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for three times longer than the original recipe called for and use a food thermometer to verify that the meat has cooked through.

Always use a meat thermometer to determine when the food is finished cooking.

Insert a food thermometer into the thickest portion of meats and look for a temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit for rare beef and lamb, 160 F for hams and 180 F for all poultry. A fork inserted into baked goods should come out clean and without crumbs to indicate that they are finished cooking.

Step 5

Remove the roasting rack with the food on top from the roaster oven using oven mitts.

Step 6

Unplug the roaster after use.