If you have food that sticks to your grill everytime you BBQ, then chances are it is time for you to clean it. There are multiple ways to clean your grill grates, and there are plenty of commercial products out there to help you do the job. But chances are what you really need is already lying around your house. Your grill grate will sparkle, or at least set your food free.

Cleaning your Grill Grates
Cleaning with a Wire Brush

Step 1

Scrape your grill grate clean with a stiff wire brush. This should be done after every use and it should be done while the grate is still hot. If you wait until it cools then the food hardens and it is more difficult to clean properly.

Olive Oil

Step 2

Wipe olive oil over the grates, after it completely cools and has been scraped clean by a wire brush. You also want to marinate your meat in olive oil right before throwing it on the grill, this will help to prevent food from sticking.


Step 3

Soak it in a sink of hot water, 1/4 cup of Dawn (this will break through the grease)and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Let it sit for an hour. Then with a SOS Pad, scrub it clean.

Household Ammonia

Step 4

Soak the grill grate in a large cleaning bucket with 1 cup of cleaning ammonia, set it in the sun all day long and then scrub clean with an SOS Pad.