What Are the Advantages of a Ceramic Heater?

Ceramic element space heaters offer improved safety and reliable spot heating in a small package. Their normal operating temperatures are too low to cause burns or start fires. The ceramic block provides a steady and efficient source of heat for small rooms and working areas.


Electric space heaters ordinarily use ribbon or wire resistance elements to create radiant heat. Mounted in front of metal reflectors, these elements heat and cool rapidly and provide only short bursts of warmth. Ceramic space heaters surround the heating elements with a thick ceramic shell that continues to emit heat between cycles. The ceramic elements provide steady but mild heat below the combustion temperature of household materials.


Space heaters with exposed heating elements present a real fire danger if they're used improperly. Ribbon or wire elements frequently fail, throwing sparks and even bits of hot metal beyond the grill of the heater. In a ceramic space heater, the ceramic core encloses the heating elements. If they fail, any hot debris is safely contained within the ceramic housing. The ceramic coating actually extends the lifetime of the elements.


A ceramic space heater can convert as much as 85 percent of the supplied electricity into usable heat. Although the circulating fan in the unit runs constantly, the heating element does not. Even though the thermostat periodically shuts off the heating element, the ceramic core continues to emit stored heat. Before the core completely cools, the heating cycle begins again.


The lower operating temperature of ceramic heaters makes smaller cabinets safe and practical. The weight and balanced design contribute to stability, making it unlikely that the heater will tip over. As with any heater, keep a safe distance between your ceramic space heater and any combustible materials. Even so, the small size of ceramic heaters makes them especially handy in small areas like bathrooms or office cubicles. You can even place smaller models conveniently on a desktop.


Most ceramic space heaters offer two power settings of 900 watts and 1500 watts. The lower power setting still provides noticeable warmth. Efficient spot heating can provide extra comfort in the most often used areas of your home or office. Positioning the heater in front of windows can reduce drafts by warming the cold air spilling from the panes. Overall, using efficient space heaters can lower your utility bills by easing the load on central heating systems.