Whirlpool ranges include several features that increase the efficiency and safety of the oven. One feature that was designed with the safety of children in mind is the oven control lock which, when enabled, prevents accidental operation of the oven. The buttons of the control panel are inoperable when the control lock is in use. Before you can resume normal operation of the range you need to disengage the oven's control lock.


Press and hold the "Control Lock," "Control Lockout" or "Lockout" button on the control panel of the oven until "LOC" or "LOCKOUT" disappears from the LCD screen. The button's name is dependent on your oven model. If the oven does not have a button with this type of label, press and hold the button with the symbol of a padlock.

Touch any of the buttons on the control panel except the "Clock Set," "Oven Light" or "Timer" buttons to ensure the lock was disabled. The "Clock Set," "Oven Light" and "Timer" buttons are still operational when the lock is enabled.

Enable the oven lock by pressing and holding the "Control Lock," "Control Lockout" or "Lockout" button until "LOC" or "LOCKOUT" appears on the LCD screen.