How to Cancel the Self-Clean Mode on a GE Oven

In 1963, GE Appliances patented the very first oven with the self-cleaning feature. To clean the oven, you must first lock the door, and then select the control on the back panel to the self-clean feature. Depending on the model of your oven, the self-cleaning cycle can last for up to four hours. If, for some reason, you want to leave the house while the oven is still cleaning, you need to know how to stop the self-cleaning cycle.

The self-cleaning feature helps to burn off things that drip in the oven.

Step 1

Press the "Stop/Cancel" or "Clear/Off" button that is just under the "Start/On" button on the control panel of the oven. The display of the oven shows how much time is left in the self-cleaning cycle.

Step 2

Allow the oven to cool for about one hour.

Step 3

Flip the latch that is just under the cook top, and above the handle used to open the oven, to unlock the door. To lock the latch, you had to pull it out toward the right. To unlock it, push it in toward the left.