Inadequate or uneven heat can leave rooms or offices uncomfortably cool. Ceramic and fan heaters are both portable and affordable heating solutions for chilly rooms or drafty office spaces.

A ceramic heater

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters utilize a central heating element surrounded or encased by ceramic plates. The element heats the surrounding ceramic plates, and internal fans thrust the heat from the ceramic plates out into the room.

Fan Heater

Fan heaters utilize a series of coils to generate heat. An external fan on the front of the unit quickly spins and throws the heat generated from the heating coils into the room.


Ceramic heaters hold the advantage of ceramic plates that produce heat quickly and cool quickly when the unit is turned off, thereby reducing the risk of burns. Fan heaters have dual functionality. Many fan heaters allow the heating element to be turned off while the fan continues to run, making them useful in both warm and cold seasons.


Ceramic heaters are best used for small spaces, and larger areas may require multiple units. Fan heaters take slightly longer to cool down, creating an increased risk for burns after shut-off.