Where Is the Pilot Light Located on My Stove?

Kitchen stoves that use natural gas or liquid propane to fire the burners may be desirable over electric stoves, as the heat may be more easily regulated. Gas stoves have a pilot light that is a small continually burning flame that lights the main burners when they are turned on. Some gas stoves may have a separate pilot light for the oven. These types of pilot lights must be lit manually if the gas supply is ever shut off, while some gas stoves may have an electronic pilot light that lights automatically. Know the location of the pilot light in case it needs repair or maintenance.

Gas stoves have a manual or electronic pilot light.

Oven Pilot

The pilot light for the oven will be located in the oven compartment. Open the oven door fully. Slide the oven racks all the way out. Lift up at the front of each rack, then slide out and remove from the oven. Locate the access panel at the bottom of the inside of the oven. Lift up at the front of the panel and locate the pilot light toward the rear oven under the access panel.

Cook Top Pilot

The cook top pilot light is located under the top panel of the stove. Remove the burner grates from the top of the cook top and place them aside, otherwise they may slide off when the cook top panel is opened. Lift up on the top front edge of the cook top. The rear of the cook top panel may be hinged, but you will have to hold the panel up with one hand. Locate the pilot light in the cavity revealed after lifting up the cook top.

Lighting a Pilot

If a pilot light in your stove needs to be lit, first turn the gas supply valve to the stove -- which is usually located at the back of the stove -- off and let any gas remaining in the lines dissipate for several minutes. Turn the gas supply back on. Locate the pilot you wish to relight. Turn the pilot control knob on and push it in for a few seconds. Light the pilot with a long wooden match to keep from getting burned. Release the knob and turn it to the "PILOT" position.

Electronic Pilots

Newer gas stoves have an electronic pilot light that starts automatically when the burner or the oven is turned on. This type of unit saves gas since the pilot is not burning constantly. The location of these pilots should be the same as the manual pilots. Although this type of pilot does not need to be lit manually, you may need to access it for repair or adjustment.