How to Unlock Door After Cleaning Oven

A self-cleaning oven must lock before it can start to clean. The cleaning process can take up to three hours. The cooling process can take an additional hour before the oven can be unlocked. A self-cleaning oven locks to prevent someone from being hurt because the oven gets very hot. Older ovens have a manual lever while newer electric models have push-button controls on the oven display to unlock the oven door.

Unlock Oven Door

Step 1

Look underneath the stove's range for a lever.

Step 2

Move the lever in a horizontal direction to the opposite side of the position it is in. This will unlock older models.

Step 3

Press the "Timer" button to turn off the oven. Some ovens will not unlock until you do this.

Step 4

Press the "Clear/Off" button on the oven's display. Hold down the button until you see the word "Off" on the display. You may have to hold down the button for 15 seconds.

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