How to Flick a Cigarette

When you're finished smoking a cigarette, you could always put it out in an ash tray and throw the butt in the garbage. Another way to dispose of your cigarette is by flicking the butt through the air. (Note that littering laws in most states are very strict, and if you want to flick a cigarette butt once you've finished with it you should always do so directly into a garbage can or other type of trash receptacle.)

Always flick your unlit cigarette into a garbage receptacle.

Step 1

Stamp out your cigarette in an ash tray or other type of appropriate receptacle. Never flick a cigarette that is still lit. Depending on where the cigarette ends up, doing so could result in a fire.

Step 2

Rest your cigarette butt on the end of your thumb. The butt should be on the side of the thumb with your thumbprint, not your nail.

Step 3

Place your middle finger behind the cigarette, but on your thumb. Press your middle finger against your thumb. Quickly move your middle finger upward toward the end of your thumb. Do this in one fluid motion as fast as you can. This will make contact with the cigarette and flick the butt off your finger.