Information on Using Oil-Filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters are sometimes called oil radiators because they resemble old-fashioned steam radiators. Instead of using steam, however, these modern space heaters are filled with oil. They run on electricity and can be rolled from room to room.

These fins will keep you warm when the cold winds blow.

Heating Method

Oil-filled heaters use a radiant heating method. As the oil sealed inside a row of "fins" becomes hot, it releases (radiates) that warmth into the air. Because there is no fan to blow the heated air through a room, the increase in room temperature is steady but slow.

Heat Settings

Most oil-filled heater units have three heating levels. On low, a typical unit will use 600 watts. On high, the wattage use will be 1,500. The medium setting will consume 900 watts. Oil-filled stoves are available with thermostats to maintain specific temperature settings. Some offer a special antifreeze setting, as well.

Safety Features

During operation, the fins can become quite hot, but the edge of each fin doesn't get hot enough to burn fingers or to start a fire if the unit is knocked over. Nevertheless, many models offer both tip-over and overheat protection.