How to Reset the Power Level on a Sharp Microwave

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To decrease your microwave's power level, enter the cooking time and press the "Power Level" button once for 100 percent and twice for 90 percent. Continue to press the "Power Level" button to decrease the power level in 10 percentage point increments.


Never use your microwave oven without food in it. Something needs to absorb the energy from the microwaves.

Sharp microwave oven digital displays have a number of automatic cooking features, including reheat settings, defrost settings and settings for commonly microwaved foods, like popcorn. All of these features use different power settings, but when it's time to use your Sharp microwave with standard factory settings, you will want to ensure that the power level is set to high. There's no need to wrestle with power cords, as unplugging your microwave will reset your clock as well.


Step 1

Put your food in your Sharp microwave oven and close the microwave door. Enter the cooking time, minutes followed by seconds.

Step 2

Press the "Power Level" button once to confirm that the power level is set on "high." If the display reads "P-100," the power level is already set on "high" and does not need to be reset.

Step 3

Press the "Stop/Clear" button two times if the power level reads "P-90" or less.


Step 4

Re-enter the cooking time, and press the "Power Level" button. The power level will now read "P-100," indicating that the power level on your Sharp microwave has been reset to "high."

Step 5

Press "Start" to begin cooking your food.


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