While most people are probably familiar with the major American manufacturers of microwave ovens, such as GE and Kenmore, some lesser known manufacturers sell their microwaves in the United States as well. One is Chinese appliance maker Galanz, which, according to Microwave Wizard, is the largest microwave manufacturer in the world. Though Galanz might be unfamiliar, the controls on the microwave are fairy standard.

Step 1

Place the Galanz microwave turn plate into its position on the rack inside the microwave. Make sure that the Galanz microwave's plug is fully inserted into an electrical wall outlet.

Step 2

Put the container with the food item that you want to cook onto the turn plate in the Galanz microwave and close the door until it clicks shut. Press the numbered buttons on the front of the microwave to enter the time you want to cook the food into display. If you have a Galanz microwave with dials, turn the upper dial to the proper time.

Step 3

Press the "Power Level" button on a Galanz microwave with a button panel once you have entered the cooking time on the microwave. Enter the power level that you want, considering each number a 10 percent increment, such as "1" for 10 percent or "5" for percent.

Step 4

Push the "Start" button to begin cooking. The Galanz site recommends keeping an especially close watch when cooking foods in containers that may melt or burn, such as plastic.

Step 5

Press the "Pause/Cancel" button at any time to pause the cooking process and pull the door handle to open the door so that you can check on the food inside. Then, press "Start" again to resume cooking. Press the "Pause/Cancel" button twice when you have finished cooking to reset the time.