How to Unlock a Kenmore Microwave

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Depending on your microwave model, you may hear two or more beeps before the control panel unlocks.

Some Kenmore microwave touch key control panels have a control panel lock that prevents children or others from using the microwave or altering pre-programmed settings. Additionally, the lock can prevent you from accidentally changing the settings when you're cleaning the panel. Typically, unlocking the microwave requires that you push a command key on the panel -- a key that controls general commands or a key specifically designed to control the locking function.


Step 1

Touch and hold the "Enter/Start," "Start," "Lock" or "Control Lock" key, or key that has a padlock image, on your Kenmore microwave's control panel for about five seconds.

Step 2

Check that the word "Locked" has disappeared from the display.

Step 3

Run the kitchen timer or a cook cycle for 10 seconds to prove that you unlocked the control panel.



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