GE sells microwave ovens in various formats, including over-the-range, countertop or built-in models. The microwaves come with a variety of features, such as temperature and time sensors, removable racks, convection cooking, warming or thawing options and preset cooking cycles. Most GE microwaves also have an electronic display panel where error codes may occasionally appear. Deciphering these error codes can help users figure out what needs to be done to clear the error.

F1 or F2

An F1 or F2 error code on a GE microwave oven indicates a problem with the thermal sensor. This is the sensor that monitors the heat and temperature in the oven and adjusts the cooking time accordingly. F1 typically indicates that the thermal sensor is open, usually because there is excessive heat inside the microwave. F2 indicates that the thermal sensor has shorted out. Both error codes require professional service from GE.


An F3 error occurs when the touch pad panel has shorted out. While this is sometimes something that can be resolved by unplugging the microwave, waiting 30 seconds and then restoring power to perform a reset to the control panel, it generally requires professional attention as well.

F4 or F5

F4 and F5 errors have to do with the humidity sensor in the oven. F4 means that the humidity sensor has opened due to extreme humidity in the microwave cavity. F5 means that the humidity sensor has shorted out. Again, these error codes require professional repair or replacement of the humidity sensor.


An F6 error indicates that the temperature probe has shorted out. Temperature probes are not so common anymore, but some older model GE models have a temperature probe that connects to the microwave and is inserted into the meat or other food object to monitor cooking and temperature. If the probe shorts out, it will require replacement.

Clearing the Code

To try to clear any error codes before calling GE for service, press "Cancel" or "Clear/Off" and reprogram the microwave oven. If the code appears again on the display, disconnect the power for 30 seconds and then reprogram the microwave again. If the code appears again, disconnect the oven and contact GE.