How to Install a GE Spacesaver Microwave

The CE Spacemaker microwave oven is a compact appliance that can be installed in a 30-inch-wide space over a stove and under a cabinet to optimize counter space. The Spacemaker microwave features a mounting plate and venting options to eliminate the need for a separate shelf or overhead vent. While installation of the appliance is simplified with templates, careful placement and a helper are recommended by the manufacturer. The appliance is available with venting options and accessories; a pre-assembled model with a recirculating exhaust or with top or back vents is also available from retailers to make installation easier.

Step 1

Carefully remove the appliance from the carton.

Step 2

Remove the two screws from the top mounting plate and set aside.

Step 3

Locate and mark the studs on the wall where the microwave will be installed. Important note: At least one wall stud must be used for installation.

Step 4

Measure the width of the wall and mark the center.

Step 5

Draw a vertical line at the center point (use a level for accuracy).

Step 6

Place the mounting plate on the wall and mark the holes. Make sure that the top holes are below any cabinet overhang, and the bottom notch aligns with the center vertical line (drawn in step 5).

Step 7

Remove the mounting plate and set aside.

Step 8

Drill holes for the mounting plate, as marked. If the hole is located on a stud, drill a 3/16-inch hole to accommodate wood screws; if the hole is not on a stud, drill a 3/8-inch hole to accommodate toggle bolts.

Step 9

Cut out the paper template for a top vent or back exhaust and tape it to the underside of the cabinet or the wall, respectively (and as required).

Step 10

Drill holes according to the template for vent installation and remove template.

Step 11

Screw the mounting plate to the wall using wood screws and toggle bolts for the appropriate holes. Important note: At least one wood screw must be used when installing the mounting plate (i.e. to mount it on at least one stud).

Step 12

Carefully lift the appliance and thread the power cord through the cabinet hole so it is out of the way and ready to be plugged into the outlet.

Step 13

Insert the appliance into the space, making sure that all back slots at the bottom of the microwave hook into the corresponding tabs on the bottom of the mounting place. Pull the power cord further out of the way, if needed, and have your helper hold the microwave in position.

Step 14

Hold the appliance in place and insert the self-aligning screw through the top center cabinet hole and turn the screw clockwise at least two full turns to tighten.

Step 15

Check that the microwave is level, insert two self-aligning screws through the top cabinet holes (left and right sides) and tighten at least two full turns.

Step 16

Perform a final check that the microwave is level and in position; adjust the position of the appliance against the wall and cabinet and twist the screws in the cabinet holes, as needed.

Step 17

Tighten the three screws completely as your helper holds the microwave in a level position against the wall and cabinet.

Step 18

Install grease filters, charcoal filters, adapters and blowers according to your venting (exhaust) type.

Step 19

Check that all vents and filters are completely installed before plugging the power cord into the outlet for use.