How to Change a Microwave Fuse

How to Change a Microwave Fuse. Often a fuse in the microwave requires changing. Although this procedure is almost always best handled by a professional repairer, changing the fuse at home can be accomplished with a few tips and techniques. By changing the microwave fuse at home, you can save a great deal of money and limit the time the unit is out of use.

Step 1

Turn off all electricity to the microwave and unplug from the wall socket. Move the unit to a well-lit location to better see the appliance.

Step 2

Use a schematic for the particular model of microwave being worked on to locate the area containing the fuse to be replaced. Fuses can be located behind the microwave door or behind a panel either on the interior wall or an exterior panel. Often the fuse will be behind a panel located under the louver vents on top of the microwave.

Step 3

Remove the panel according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use a screw driver to remove screws and set aside for replacement.

Step 4

Locate the blown fuse and check with a voltmeter. This step ensures that the problem with the microwave is indeed a blown fuse and not another issue. Check for current between fuse connectors.

Step 5

Take the blown fuse to a local hardware or home improvement store such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Staff can assist in finding the exact replacement fuse for the model being repaired.

Step 6

Place the new fuse into the panel in exactly the same fashion as the blown fuse came out. Replace any panel using the removed screws and return the unit back to its proper location.

Step 7

Plug the microwave into the wall socket and turn on all electricity. Test the unit by ensuring the clock and all other features function.