How to Troubleshoot Emerson Microwaves

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Emerson produces a large line of microwave ovens that are found at retailers such as Target and Sears. Emerson microwave types include stainless-steel models, 400- to 1200-watt versions and above-range ovens. If you have an Emerson microwave that malfunctions, the manufacturer recommends that you perform some troubleshooting steps prior to calling for service.

Step 1

Examine the outlet you are using for your Emerson microwave if the oven won't turn on. Unplug the microwave and wait 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Try another outlet to see if it functions. Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown fuses if necessary.

Step 2

Make sure the microwave oven door is firmly closed. An open door can interrupt with operation.

Step 3

Reposition the roller ring of the Emerson microwave oven. If the turntable won't move in the oven, line up the turntable and roller ring. Place the roller ring flat on the bottom cooking surface of the microwave. You will see three balls on the top of the roller ring. Line up these balls with the three notches in the glass turntable and place the turntable on top of the roller ring. Clean these parts with mild soap and water prior to repositioning to get rid of any food particles that may be causing it not to work.

Step 4

Check that the dishes that you are using are microwavable safe. Remove the dish if you notice any sparks or the dish begins to melt. Typically, glass and ceramic dishes are safe to use in an Emerson microwave.

Step 5

Unlock the Emerson microwave. The ovens have a safety feature that allows you to lock the device to prevent a child from using it. To both lock and unlock the microwave, hold down the "0" button for a couple of seconds and then press "2."

Step 6

Keep away from other appliances. Televisions, radios and microwave ovens may experience interference when placed in close proximity of each other.


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