Troubleshooting Guide for Sharp Carousel Microwave

The Sharp Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, manufactures consumer appliances and electronics. It produces the Carousel series of microwave ovens. Always try troubleshooting your microwave oven before you contact a service technician. You can often solve the problems yourself, which saves you money on technician fees if your warranty is expired. Always unplug your microwave from the outlet before you start troubleshooting issues.

No Power

If your microwave won't turn on, check to see if the plug is securely in the outlet. Press the "Cook" or "Start" button, not just the timer, to start your Carousel microwave. Remove any other appliance from the same circuit as the microwave. Check your circuit breaker and fuses. Reset the circuit breaker if tripped, and replace any blown fuses. If your microwave is operating, but not heating, check your circuit board and internal door switches. Replace any malfunctioning or bad components. Check your door release button and door hooks. Replace if broken or malfunctioning.


It is normal for your microwave to make some noise while operating. If you hear a crackling noise and see a spark, you have metal in your microwave. Remove any metallic objects, and do not use any cookware with gold or silver leafing. If your display flickers while your microwave is running and the microwave is not working properly, check your power diode, and replace if necessary.

Test the power diode with an ohmmeter. Your power diode has both a cathode and anode side, and the cathode side has a stripe, arrow or dot. Connect the positive probe to the anode side, and the negative probe to the cathode side. If your ohmmeter gives you a reading between 50,000 and 200,000 ohms, then your diode is working properly. Any other readings indicate that your power diode is not working correctly. Oftentimes, a flickering display does not affect the way your microwave operates. You can just leave it alone.

Plate Not Turning/Power Level

If the plate on your turntable is not turning, check the plate positioning to see if it is correctly positioned. Try repositioning so that it fits more snugly. Check the motor of your carousel and replace if necessary. Remove the bottom plate of your microwave and turn the microwave on. The motor must make noise, and it must turn the panel. If not, then it's not working correctly. Change out the triac if you cannot change the power level of your microwave.

To test the triac, use an ohmmeter, and check to see if you have an open circuit, which is a reading of one or greater. If you have a zero reading, then replace the triac. Check your circuit board if the previous solution does not work, and replace or repair it if malfunctioning. Remove the circuit board from the microwave, and look for broken components or cracks in solder. Check for corroded parts. You must test the individual connections between a solder joint and a socket. Use an ohmmeter, and place one probe on a socket and one on a solder joint. A resistance reading of zero means that this connection is working properly. Any other readings mean that you must resolder the joint.

Cooking Times

Always defrost your food before cooking it as this can affect cooking times. If your food is taking too long to cook, adjust the power level. If your food is raw or undercooked, increase the cooking time. If your food is not cooking at all, but the clock is counting down, check that you have pressed the "Cook" or "Start" button and not the timer.