How to Troubleshoot a Mod PLES399ECC F13 Error on a Frigidaire Oven

The Mod PLES399ECC F13 error, displayed as simply an F13 error on a Frigidaire oven's display screen, means the electronic oven control (EOC) has malfunctioned. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to correct this fault code without having to call an authorized Frigidaire repair center. Depending on the reason for the malfunction, the process to correct the issue could be an easy one, or it may require the complete replacement of the EOC.

Step 1

Disconnect power to the oven by unplugging the electrical cord from the outlet for 30 seconds. Plug the electrical cord back in after 30 seconds and attempt to repeat the same function that caused the F13 code. If the code reappears, you must replace the EOC.

Step 2

Unplug the oven from its electrical outlet and slide it away from the wall.

Step 3

Remove the screws that hold the back silver cover onto the rear of the control panel with a Phillips head screwdriver. This exposes the wiring and the EOC.

Step 4

Mark each wiring harness and the location where they plug into the back of the EOC. Most harnesses have a plug that will only fit into one port on the back of the EOC. However, labeling the harnesses will make it easier for you to reinstall them onto the new EOC.

Step 5

Unplug each of the wiring harnesses from the back of the EOC.

Step 6

Remove the screws that secure the EOC to the back of the housing then discard the old EOC.

Step 7

Place the new EOC into its housing and secure it with the screws.

Step 8

Plug each of the wiring harnesses into the EOC. You will feel and hear each harness snap into place.

Step 9

Place the back cover onto the control panel housing and secure the cover with the original screws and the screwdriver.

Step 10

Plug the oven back into the electrical outlet.