What Does F2 on a Microwave Mean?

Microwave ovens are made and sold by many different manufacturers and perform a wide variety of functions, including defrosting, convection cooking, warming or melting, heating specific foods and rotating items during cooking for more even results. If problems occur with the microwave, many microwave ovens will display an error code, such as "F2." Determining what the F2 error code is and what it means can take a few steps.

Try unplugging the microwave and waiting a few minutes to reset the error code.

Control Pad

One reason why the error code F2 may appear on a microwave is that there is a problem with the control pad. This is particularly common for Kenmore and Whirlpool microwaves. Press "Stop/Cancel" twice to reset the current program and select a new program. Press "Start" to begin. If the error code persists, press "Stop/Cancel" again and unplug the microwave. Wait several minutes and restore power. If the F2 code appears again, contact a service center for assistance.


The membrane, or surface, of the touchpad on the microwave may be broken or damaged, resulting in the F2 error code. Replacement membranes for specific brands can be found online or in many appliance or repair stores. Generally speaking, it takes a professional to replace the touchpad membrane, although mechanically inclined owners may be able to replace it themselves.

Too Hot

Some microwaves, including Admiral, Amana and GE, display the F2 error code when the microwave is too hot. This usually means that the temperature sensor or the relay board is damaged and broken and requires repair or replacement. This will require professional assistance.

Convection Cooking

Another possibility for the F2 error is a problem with the convection cooking feature on the microwave. Typically, this is also a problem with the temperature sensor and will require professional repair. Contact the company or a service professional for assistance.