How to Unjam a Whirlaway Garbage Disposal

Waste King manufacturers the Whirlaway line of garbage disposals. These disposals are useful additions to your kitchen. Sometimes, too much organic waste, such as potato peelings, is thrown into the disposal, causing the blades to jam. Unjamming a Whirlaway disposal is bit different than many manufacturers. The Whirlaway does not have a mechanism to turn the blades manually from under the unit. It is necessary to turn the blades from inside the drain.

Step 1

Turn off the disposal at the wall switch. Go under the sink and unplug the Whirlaway disposal power cord from its dedicated outlet. If your unit is hardwired instead of using a power cord, turn off the circuit breaker to the disposal, which is located inside your home electrical box.

Step 2

Stick a broom handle into the drain opening and attempt to move the disposal blades. The broom stick gives you the necessary leverage to turn the blades regardless of what is stuck between the blades and the disposal.

Step 3

Remove the loosened obstruction with a pair of tongs. Never reach inside the disposal with your bare hands.

Step 4

Plug the Whirlaway disposal power cord back into the outlet or turn on the circuit breaker. Run the cold water and turn on the disposal.

Step 5

Press the red reset button on the side of the disposal if it does not turn on right away. Sometimes the disposal will shut itself off once it encounters an obstruction, to prevent damage to the motor.