My Bosch Dishwasher Is Leaking Rinse Aid

Water-saving and energy efficient, Bosch dishwashers normally provide trouble-free operation. However, with time and wear a problem may develop. It can be quite frustrating if your Bosch dishwasher is leaking rinse aid. Rinse aid is an additive to help water sheet off the dishes rather than dry in spots. Jet Dry is a well known American brand of rinsing agent for dishwashers. It will not hurt your dishwasher to run it without a rinsing agent, however, dishes and flatware may have a cloudy residue or spotting.


The detergent and rinse aid dispenser on your Bosch dishwasher is mechanically linked to the timer. When the timer reaches the correct point in the cycle, the timer activates a release lever that opens the dispenser cup. If the timer is faulty, either the dispenser cup will not open or it will open at the incorrect time.

Door Seal

If your Bosch dishwasher is leaking around the door, the door seal may be to blame. Examine the door seal for tears, bulges or cracks. A good door seal is firm and resilient, without any signs of visible damage. If the door seal is faulty, a new door seal kit and repair manual can be purchased online from appliance repair part websites that specialize in Bosch appliance parts or ordered from your local Bosch appliance dealer.

Drain Filter

Built-up mineral deposits, a broken toothpick, bottle cap, fruit pit or sticky food debris may be clogging the drain filter and preventing water from exiting the appliance and causing the appliance to leak. Empty the dishwasher and remove the bottom rack to access the drain filter. Wash the filter with soapy water and a soft brush, rinse and replace.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

Visually inspect the rinse agent dispenser. Mineral deposits or food residue may be keeping the dispenser from opening properly. Wash with soap and a soft brush. If the dispenser hinge or lid is warped or defective, a new replacement dispenser should be installed.