How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II: Start Button Blinks

The Whirlpool Quiet Partner II series of dishwashers is branded, obviously, as a less noisy washing experience than other types of consumer dishwashers. Most of Whirlpool's Quiet Partner II models have several indicator lights on the front panel that show what stage of washing your load is in. The indicator lights also alert you to certain problems with the appliance. When the "Start" button blinks, it means the door isn't closed and the cycle can't start.

Step 1

Pay attention to the control panel of your Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher when you attempt to start the cycle for any indicator lights. Verify that the start button is flashing, which indicates the dishwasher door isn't closed completely.

Step 2

Open the washer door and check for any obstructions that may prevent the door from closing properly. Reposition any dishes if necessary.

Step 3

Close the dishwasher door again, pushing it firmly into place. Press the "Start" button again to start the cycle.

Step 4

Empty the washer and attempt to close the door if you can't get the door closed properly with the dishes inside. Call for service if you can't close the door with an empty washer, because that means the latch is malfunctioning.