My Bosch Dishwasher Gets Stuck on Rinse Cycle

Durable, water saving, energy efficient and extremely quiet are all qualities of a Bosch dishwasher. Bosch dishwashers are normally trouble free; however with time and wear a malfunction may prevent the appliance from functioning properly. Fortunately, troubleshooting a Bosch dishwasher is fairly easy for the experienced "do-it-yours" homeowner. If your dishwasher is stuck on the rinse cycle, a water sensor is likely to blame.

Test Cycle

All Bosch dishwashers are equipped with a test cycle which can be run too help troubleshoot malfunctions. To run a test cycle, hold down the "Power Scrub Plus" button and the "Regular Wash" button at the same time. While holding down these buttons, press the "On/Off" button. An indicator light will illuminate if a malfunction is detected.

If the "Clean" light is on, it indicates a temperature sensor fault. If the temperature sensor is defective, the cycle will be quite short as the dishwasher will shut off once the fault is detected.

If the "Rinse/Dry" indicator light is illuminated your machine likely has a water sensor filling fault. If the water sensor is defective, the test cycle cannot complete as your Bosch dishwasher cannot detect the correct level of water. The dishwasher will keep filling and draining repeatedly.

Water Sensor

If the water sensor is faulty, a repair manual and replacement parts are available online or from your Bosch appliance dealer.

Safety First

Always disconnect your Bosch dishwasher from the electrical outlet before attempting any "do-it-yourself" repairs. If your machine will not complete the rinse cycle, the water may not be draining from the machine because the filters or drain are clogged with food or other small debris. Clean the filers and drain.

Fire Hazard

Owners of older models of Bosch dishwashers should be aware that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Bosch Home Appliances have recalled more than 400,000 Bosch and Sieman dishwashers manufactured between May 1999 and July 2005. The units were recalled due to a faulty electrical connection that may cause a fire. Owners are advised to stop using the dishwasher immediately. Consumers should contact a Bosch appliance dealer or visit the company website to determine if their models are affected by the recall.