How to Install a KitchenAid Dishwasher

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Electrical cord kit

  • Level

Installing a KitchenAid dishwasher gives you the ability to clean you dishes by simply placing them into the dishwasher, hitting a few buttons and walking away. A dishwasher is the ultimate in kitchen appliance convenience. However, installing a dishwasher means you need to connect a water line, drain line and electrical connector. You can complete all these tasks without the help of a plumber, but make sure you're comfortable with what you are doing or it could cost you more to pay a professional in the end.

Step 1

Test fit the dishwasher by placing it under the counter before you start. This will ensure you do not do all the necessary work only to find out the dishwasher doesn't fit in you kitchen.

Step 2

Connect the drain hose supplied with the dishwasher to the waste tee or disposer inlet above the trap on your kitchen sink drain. Secure the hose with a band clamp and screwdriver.

Step 3

Loop the drain hose and secure it to the underside of the cabinet with a drain tie. This acts as a trap for water. If you do not have the room to do this, connect the hose to an air gap that you can install on the top of the counter.

Step 4

Drill a 1½-inch hole in the side of the cabinet wall so you can put the drain hose through it. Use a hole saw and a hand drill for this. If you are replacing an old dishwasher and already have a hole, skip this step. Place the hose through the hole and into the area where the dishwasher will go.

Step 5

Pull the back off the moisture barrier and apply the moisture barrier to the underside front lip of the cabinet.

Step 6

Remove the service panel cover from the electrical box on the back of the dishwasher. Secure the wires from a power plug kit to the wires inside the electrical box. The wires are color-coded. Wrap each wire connection with a wire nut and secure the wire nuts with electrical tape.

Step 7

Connect the hot water hose to the port on the back of the dishwasher and connect the other end of the hose to the hot water valve.

Step 8

Secure the drain hose to the hose port on the back of the dishwasher.

Step 9

Place the dishwasher under the counter and check it with a level. Turn the adjusters on the bottom of the dishwasher until the front of the dishwasher sits level under the counter.


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