How to Troubleshoot Stuck Controls on a GE Profile Dishwasher

General Electric dishwashers are intended for permanent installation under the countertops of your home. All of the dishwasher functions are dictated by a control board. The control board is located inside of the dishwasher's control panel, at the top of the door. Occasionally, the dishwasher's control board will lock up, causing the dishwasher to become unresponsive. In this instance, GE recommends that you reset the dishwasher's main power supply to restore the appliance back to working order.

Step 1

Locate the service panel in your home, which is often located in the garage or utility room.

Step 2

Locate the breaker that controls the circuit containing the dishwasher.

Step 3

Turn off the dishwasher circuit breaker, and allow it to remain off for approximately 30 seconds.

Step 4

Turn on the breaker to restore power to the dishwasher, which resets the appliance.