How to Reset the GE Quiet Power 2 Dishwasher

The General Electric Quiet Power series is a line of dishwashers designed to be used in a residential setting. The General Electric Quiet Power series features a digital touch panel with six cleaning cycles and added features, such as the option to turn on or off heated dry and a pre-scrub setting for stuck-on food.

Purpose of the Reset Button

The reset button on the GE Quiet Series line of dishwashers serves several purposes. First, the reset button allows you to cancel the wash cycle, should you decide you do not want to run the dishwasher, or if you would like to choose a different cycle. The reset button also forces the dishwasher to drain, should you cancel the cycle while the tub is filled with water. The reset button, however, does not allow you to reboot the control panel.

Reset Button Location

On the left side of the control panel are six cycle buttons that allow you to choose the wash cycle. On the right side of the control panel are the addition options buttons, including the heat and pre-scrub options. In the center of the control panel is the "Start" button, used to begin the cycle. The "start" button also doubles as the reset button, and is marked "Reset" in smaller, less-apparent letters.

Reset a Delay Cycle

The GE Quiet Series dishwasher has a delay cycle that allows you to specify when in the future you would like to start the cycle. It can be delayed up to nine hours, and the delay button is located on the center of the control panel, to the right of the "Start/Reset" button. To cancel the delay cycle once it has been set, press the "Start/Reset" button one time.

Reset a Cycle

If you are in the middle of a wash cycle and would like to cancel, you can do so using the reset button. At any time, press the "Start/Reset" button to cancel the cycle. If there is water in the dishwasher, the light on the "Start/Reset" button flashes as the water is removed, which may take up to 90 seconds. Once the light stops flashing, the dishwasher is ready to reprogram.

Rebooting the Control Panel

In some instances, the dishwasher control panel may become unresponsive. Often, the only remedy for this is to reboot the control panel itself. The control panel cannot be rebooted by pressing any button or series of buttons on the dishwasher. Instead, to reboot the control panel, you must disconnect the dishwasher's power supply for at least 30 seconds. In most cases, the easiest way to do this is to turn off the breaker labeled "Dishwasher" in your home's service panel.