What Is the Meaning of Hybrid Dry in Dishwashers?

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Dishwashers with hybrid drying use a combination of two technologies to dry dishes quickly using less energy than other methods. Several LG dishwasher models feature this technology, which the company calls the Hybrid Condensing drying system.

How Hybrid Drying Works

After all washing and rinsing cycles are complete, the dishwasher heats the dishes with hot water from the final rinse. This water condenses on the dishwasher's cool stainless steel tub and drains away. At the same time, a built-in fan circulates air throughout the dishwasher's interior, speeding up the condensation process.

Energy Savings

Most dishwashers use a heating element to dry dishes. The hybrid drying technique does not require a heating element and thus requires less electricity to thoroughly dry dishes.

Other Benefits

The hybrid drying technology dries dishes more quickly than air drying. Because it dries dishes quickly while they are still hot, LG claims that hybrid drying also reduces the number of water spots on glass items. The company recommends using a rinse aid for best results, however.

Keep Door Closed

If you have an LG dishwasher with the hybrid drying feature, do not open the dishwasher door before the dry cycle is complete. Doing so will allow the heat that's needed for hybrid drying to escape.


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