My Rinse Aid Dispenser Is Clogged

Rinse aid detergent has become an important element in most dishwashers as it can help rinse items clean, improve drying and prevent filming or spotting on glasses and dishes. Many dishwashers have a separate rinse aid detergent dispenser that should be filled on a regular basis. However, if this dispenser gets clogged, owners might want to see if they can resolve the situation through some problem solving.

Make sure the rinse aid dispenser is clean and latched shut before each use.

Rinse Aid Amount

Rinse aid detergent is a thick liquid that might get clogged in the dispenser if too much is used. In addition, if too much rinse aid detergent is used or is spilled, it can foam up and create a water leak or oversudsing in the dishwasher. Measure the rinse aid detergent according to the product directions, and only fill the dispenser to the "Max" fill line. However, if not enough rinse aid detergent is used, dishes may still seem wet or spotted after cleaning.

Latch or Switch

Over time, the latch on the rinse aid detergent cup may get caked with dried detergent or food debris. If this occurs, the dispenser may not open properly or may open too late, which leaves rinse aid in the dispenser and causes owners to think the dispenser itself is clogged. Wipe the dispenser cup, lid and switch with a clean, damp cloth to remove any debris, and dry with a towel.

Dishwasher Detergent

The problem with the dishwasher may not be the rinse aid dispenser at all as incorrect use of detergent can also create problems with the dispensing of the detergent and the rinse aid. Only use fresh detergent, and only use the recommended amount. If not enough detergent is used, the dishes may still seem dirty after the wash cycle. If detergent has clumped around the detergent cups, clean with a damp cloth and dry with a towel to prevent detergent from clumping in the future.

Repair Problems

If the rinse aid dispenser is not opening or is stuck, it might require repairs. If the dispenser can be latched closed, check the latch and ensure it is clean and able to open and close easily. After refilling the dispenser, push the lid closed fully as it will not release properly if it is ajar. If there is a knob on the dispenser, turn the knob to "Open," and refill the dispenser. When the rinse aid dispenser points to "Full," turn the knob to "Lock." The rinse aid will automatically dispense during the wash cycle. If these troubleshooting efforts do not resolve the problem, contact the dishwasher manufacturer for assistance.